I meant to write this earlier, I really did. (Inspired by the out-loud-and-on-the-edge commercial broker, Duke Long.) However, like most of you, I’ve either been busy with work and family or completely absorbed by staring at hurricane trackers and the devastation in Texas and Florida.

But hey, a day late is better than not at all… RIGHT?

You may wonder why I show up on your Facebook or Twitter or Instagram feed in random cities and states throughout September, October, and November. Well, for me, it is full steam ahead! It’s conference and convention season in real estate!

Perhaps you’re the unengaged Realtor and you wonder what all the fuss is about.  Let me just tell you. I mean, keep reading, you’ve come this far already.

My 2017 conference season started in Texas with the amazing #TexasStrong Realtors who number over 100,000 in their ranks. The concern in the air was palpable for all of those who have seen their livelihoods vanish under flood waters, so recently that the grief hasn’t really even hit yet. One idea we had was to find out if any of the affected Realtors in south Texas would want work as virtual assistants or transaction coordinators for other Realtors throughout the country. You may see an employment board spring up at some point, it’s not a perfect solution but with the media already gone to the next big story, we have to find a way to support one another.

Speaking of busy days and months, here’s a link to my whole fall schedule. If you’re attending any of these events and we haven’t met, I’d love to hug your neck and take a selfie with you!

Before you hear me speak, I should probably remind you that my goal is always to challenge you… 

  • To be a different kind of REALTOR.
  • To be a better person.
  • To stretch beyond your own comfort zone.
  • To be yourself and avoid the groupthink that gets us into this world of division.  

If I don’t hurt someone’s feelings… then I didn’t go far enough. I won’t go as far as Duke Long (whose post here is what inspired me to write this anyway) and tell you to f*** off, but I will ask that you consider whether I was wrong or if you were just uncomfortable because I made you think.

It’s time we stopped whining about unprofessional behaviors and instead changed things every day. That includes investing your time in your profession and in your colleagues and in yourself. 

YOU are my investment.  I can’t wait to hear what returns you experience. Shoot me a message and let me know!