Many people believe that the Farmer’s Almanac is to meteorology what astrology is to astronomy, and it should be taken with a grain of salt. But yet, when the predictions came out last fall – they immediately became a trending topic on social media. If you believe the predictions, our area is in for some snowy conditions this month and on into February, therefore we felt compelled to put together a list of 10 fun things to do when you have a snow day.

  1. BE CREATIVE! – Instead of building the standard snowman, try your hand at building a snow family, snow castle, snake, or dragon. You will certainly get bonus points from your neighbors if you go for something unusual!
  2. CREATE SNOW GRAFFITI – Moms certainly do not want their children playing with a can of spray paint, but if you put a little bit of food coloring in a squeeze bottle full of water, then voila! You have an easy way to create some art in your yard. And the best part is – it won’t stain!
  3. GAZE AT THE FALLING SNOWFLAKES – Place a piece of dark-colored construction paper in the freezer for 15-20 minutes and once it is hard, take it outside and let falling snow land on it. Marvel at the beauty and originality of each snowflake.
  4. MAKE SNOW CANDY – Find a patch of unspoiled snow and scoop some into a large ziplock bag. Tamp it down so that snow is packed tight within the bag. Boil a cup of molasses or real maple syrup for 20 minutes and then pour it onto the snow. It will quickly harden to create a batch of yummy chewy candy in a matter of seconds!
  5. BUILD A SNOW CAVE – It is pretty easy to build this simple abode. A snow cave can be made out of any large pile of snow, just hollow out an entrance and tunnel your way in as far as you like. Perfect for when you need a break from all of that sledding!
  6. HAVE A SNOWBALL FIGHT – No matter how old you are, it is always fun to hurl a ball of snow at a friend or loved one. Snowball fights are best on days when the snow is light and fluffy and not too wet. Using really wet creates more of an ice ball and taking out a loved one’s eye is never fun!
  7. MAKE SNOW (ICE) CREAM – As soon as it starts to snow, place a large bowl outside to collect the fresh snow. Once it is full, stir in a few simple ingredients and you have yourself a tasty treat! (See recipe here.)
  8. PLAY FROSTY TOSS – A little competition can be fun after you have been cooped up inside, so how about a snowball throwing contest? Draw a few large circles in the snow and toss snowballs into them. The person who gets the most snowballs in the targets wins!
  9. GO ON A NATURE HIKE – Freshly fallen snow is the perfect time to take a nature hike. Look for deer tracks or other markings that have been left behind by four-legged critters that ventured out before you.
  10. GO SLEDDING – Did y’all think that sledding would not be included on this list? This fun, exhilarating, calorie-burning pastime is not just for the children in your life. Adults get out there and enjoy a ride down a hill. We promise you – the laughter that ensues will certainly make it worth it. And you might just want to do it again!