You guys know me too well, right? I have preached candidly about the importance of proper home inspection.  Finding a home inspector that you trust will not only help you purchase a rock-solid home but also allow you to sell your home confidently by knowing that every aspect will pass the fine-toothed comb of a buyer’s inspector.

While I can offer advice and direction in every realm related to home inspection, this insight wouldn’t hold merit if I didn’t follow it myself.

When my husband and I noticed a crack growing from the floor around the base of the toilet, it was time to take the action I so readily recommend.

My go-to home inspector, Jeff Baker, did a full inspection of our home. While my initial goal was to fix the crack and ensure that more weren’t soon to follow, the overall goal became to tidy up every aspect of our home to achieve tip-top condition.

The underlying issues with the seemingly harmless crack near the toilet are crazy! Check this out!

Turns out, a leaking pipe from the toilet plumbing had worked to create an invisible zone of chaos under our bathroom floor!

Let me be abundantly clear: this could have been 100x worse had we not caught it when we did.  While this sort of repair is never fun to go through, the scope of what a few more years could have done is scary.

There are several lessons here that I learned all over again.  

First and foremost, if something appears wrong in your house, DON’T IGNORE IT! It isn’t going to magically fix itself people. Get it checked out. The hidden lesson here is one that most homeowners don’t want to learn:
Have your home inspected often to ensure that severe issues never arise to begin with!

While no one wants to fork over money when they feel it isn’t necessary, let my bathroom be the lesson you learn! Preventative maintenance on your home will save your thousands of dollars and afford you peace of mind.

Whether you are buying, selling, or simply living in your house with no plans to relocate, having your home inspected is NECESSARY! I know the best home inspectors in North and South Carolina that can provide you with a quality inspection for a fair value.

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