Author: Suzie Wilson ⎸  ⎸Happier Home
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

The pandemic may have caused you to spend extra time in the kitchen. Many households decided to forego visiting restaurants in favor of eating at home. Whether your meals involved home cooking or take-out, chances are you have seen a lot of your kitchen lately. Are you ready for a kitchen refresh? Here are three ways you can change things up.

Replace Your Faucet and Sink

A new sink and faucet can make a big difference in the look of your kitchen. Today’s faucets range from basic to high-tech. Smart faucets on the market feature the ability to turn on with a touch or a hand wave. Others work in tandem with your smart home assistant, allowing you, for example, to tell the faucet to dispense eight ounces of water. Features also include LED indicators that specify water temperature and built-in sprayers that steam and pre-rinse dishes.

If you’re considering a new sink to accompany your faucet, you can choose from classic stainless steel or explore other finishes such as copper, porcelain, granite, or even carved marble. Some models feature roll-up dish racks, built-in strainers, and cutting boards. Smaller kitchens can benefit from a covered sink that extends the counter space.

Add Wallpaper

One way to make your kitchen walls pop is to apply wallpaper, which provides an excellent choice for such a high-traffic, often-used room. Wallpaper is attractive and durable; many kinds can be cleaned with a vacuum or slightly damp sponge. Wallpaper can also set your kitchen’s mood: cozy, elegant, bright, whimsical, or any aspect in between. Try a vivid yellow or red pattern for a lively look or a muted tone for calm elegance.

If you decide to add new wallpaper, the peel-and-stick variety is customizable and easy to apply. With adhesive backing, you can remove and reposition it if you don’t get it just right the first time. Creating an accent wall can be an easy weekend project. In addition, if you choose print-on-demand wallpaper, you won’t have to worry about your design going out of stock.

Look Beyond Your Kitchen Window

Now that you’ve brightened your kitchen’s interior, take a look outside your window. Is it time to revive your landscaping? With a little work, you can ensure the view outside is just as fresh as your kitchen. Begin by carefully pruning and shaping any overgrown shrubs. Once you’ve opened up some space, pull weeds and redefine landscape edging.

If you’ve had trouble keeping your shrubs in good shape, consider planting items native to your area. According to experts, native plants are easy to maintain because they have adapted to the climate. After pruning and weeding, a new layer of mulch or rock can do wonders, freshening the appearance of your landscaping as if you’d just installed it.

Add color to your yard to make it eye-catching. Annual or perennial flowers planted in the ground or in interesting containers can brighten your design. You can also consider fun, colorful garden accents such as solar lights, trellises, or wind chimes. A bird feeder can provide you with entertainment as you try a new recipe or wash the dishes after breakfast.

If this sounds like a lot of work, or your green thumb is non-existent, then don’t hesitate to call in a professional to give your landscape some TLC.

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and if yours is looking a little worse for wear these days, then it deserves a facelift. A few changes can make a significant difference in its style, and you, your family, and guests can enjoy spending time there.