My Kitchen! My Rules!

Born out of the early humdrum days of the pandemic, Leigh has created quite a following who appreciate her flair for fun, food, and family

Studies have shown it’s clear that watching other people cook is enjoyable and satisfying for millions — you get to see a project come together from start to finish, although it’s a bit of a conundrum: You’re watching mouth-watering meals come together without the joy of getting to eat them. When you think about it, it should be torturous, like someone placing a plate of homemade pancakes just out of reach. Ha! But. Leigh makes it so much fun to watch her cook and share drink recipes because she cooks like so many of us do and she validates our daily lives of taking care of our families, with her southern sass and wit! So join Leigh on My Kitchen! My Rules! for an escape into her whirlwind life and think of it as second-hand feelings of accomplishment — without having to clean up after!

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