Downtown with Leigh brown

Local businesses make our community thrive. Our community is out of this world!

When you shop local, you not only help make our wonderful communities thrive, but you also get to acquaint yourself with some amazing opportunities.  The food is great, the entertainment is refreshing, and the inventory is pure and unique.  Local businesses are what set our communities apart from the crowd.  Here we will dive into local business of all shapes and sizes.  We LOVE our local shopping, and you will too!

Family Recess Fun! Contest

Family Recess Fun! Contest

If you are like us, you are searching for creative new ways to get some much-needed exercise and fun time with your family! Our Family Recess time is a stress reliever and a chance to unplug and tune out from the media. No matter what your family looks like – young kids, tween kids, empty nesters, never had kids, but consider yourself a kid at heart – you need recess time!

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Thank you so much for watching my weekly Facebook video segments that spotlight local businesses in and around Concord.  I will continue to bring you highlights of awesome local businesses under a new name: “Downtown with Leigh Brown.” 

Remember to tune in each week for more local spotlights!