Leigh Brown here from One Community Real Estate, spotlighting local business. Today, I’m thrilled to spotlight an incredible local gem – Good Ground Coffee Company. Nestled in a cozy house that doubles as a buzzing coffee spot, owner Meredith Garcia brings her passion for El Salvadoran coffee beans to life! From expertly crafted pour overs to trendy cold foams and cold brews, there’s something for every coffee lover.
Planning an event? Picture having your own coffee and espresso bar right at your fingertips! Meredith can make that a reality, whether it’s a bustling market day, a focused study session, a warm family gathering, or a joyous graduation party. Elevate your events with a personalized coffee experience! And for those moments when you’re tied up in a long meeting or simply craving a coffee, Meredith is just a doorstep away in downtown Concord. And don’t miss out on sunny days when Meredith sets up shop right outside on Barbrick Ave – perfect for a quick coffee break!
Supporting local businesses like Good Ground Coffee Company enriches our community and strengthens our economy. Check out Meredith’s website https://goodgroundcoffeeco.com/ and see how you can make your day better with a little help from Good Ground Coffee Company. You’ll be glad you did!
Good Ground Coffee Co.
427 Kerr Street Northwest
Concord, NC