By Brianna Atkins

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It’s no surprise Charlotte and Concord attract some of the country’s best gardeners. The beautiful natural surroundings and pleasant climate make this area a haven for anyone with a green thumb.

The real estate market is hot. But Charlotte’s many virtues can also raise expectations when it comes to a property’s landscaping. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the six quick ways to enhance your property’s landscape.

1. Consider Containers

Remember the three Ls of real estate? Location, landscaping, location. OK, OK, we amended the old cliche to point out how much native flowers will add to your landscape. Don’t feel like tearing up your yard? The stunning array of annual flowers arranged in a planter or basket is so quick and easy to achieve, it almost feels like cheating. And container plants are useful anywhere — from enhancing curb appeal to the front of a house to adding charm or screening to a sitting area. One savvy new use for containers is to add height and dimension to a flat planting bed through raised planters and hanging baskets. Keep in mind: Container gardens aren’t just for annual flowers. Container trees and shrubs make a striking impact.

2. Add Hardscape


The beauty of hardscape is threefold: You don’t need a green thumb. It makes your property low-maintenance by reducing the amount of grass to care for. And hardscaping is trending right now in Charlotte and Concord. By adding or enlarging a patio, retaining walls and outdoor living or cooking spaces, you’re free to take advantage of the excellent climate. You’ll also expand the living space of your home by adding another area to entertain.

The heart of your home is in the kitchen, so consider adding another kitchen outside. This can be as simple as adding another grill and small sink, to a full-blown outdoor setup. A deck and outdoor kitchen may cost you, but you’ll recoup that money when it’s time to sell.

3. Just Add Water

You don’t have to build a swimming pool or fish pond to enjoy the property enhancing value of water. Fountains and other water features have been part of elegant landscaping for centuries. They’re seeing a resurgence for good reason: A fountain can add emphasis and coherence to almost any landscaping scheme, while the sound of falling water creates a feeling of serenity. Let’s not forget the water also attracts birds and wildlife.

4. Mulch


Another too-easy-to-be true solution. Adding mulch to planting beds reduces water usage and keeps down weeds. Mulch on all your garden beds will also unify the look of your landscape and give it a more finished appearance. Mulch comes in a lot of colors. Use red mulch if you want to add color. Dark brown mulch the color of rich chocolate pudding will mimic the look of a rich and carefully tended soil.

5. Lawn Care

Nothing is quite as welcoming as a thick, green lawn surrounding a home. But that living outdoor carpet that’s weed-strewn and shaggy doesn’t quite do the trick. And neglected lawns can be vulnerable to pests and diseases that make even the best home seem rundown.

Pro tip: Mow your lawn in a different direction each time. This will make the grass blades stand taller. Crisply cut and trimmed borders between the lawn and flower beds give the yard a manicured look.

6. Add Furniture

It’s great to build an outdoor room or construct a secret garden. But you can get some of the same advantages by creating sitting spots and focal points with garden furniture alone. A bistro table and chairs or a stone garden bench create a charming gathering place in an instant. A hammock hanging beneath the trees or a line of Adirondack chairs on a sunny lawn signals instant relaxation. The right garden furniture can also enhance your garden design.

Comfortable outdoor living is essential in the Charlotte/Concord area. Enhancing your landscaping is a great way to up your home’s value while making your home more enjoyable for you and your family.

Brianna Atkins is a writer and home designer in love with soft fabrics, hardscapes and modern touches.