Article written by Suzie Wilson ⎸  ⎸Happier Home
Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

People sell their homes for many reasons. Sometimes, it is simply for a change of scenery; others, it’s to travel or to pursue a new career. Whatever your reason, you likely want to sell quickly and get the most out of your investment. Keep reading for ideas on how to get it done.

Focus on the Outdoor Spaces

When you’re selling a home, you need to first focus your attention on the outdoor spaces. Many people like to enjoy their yard and spending time outdoors. For this reason, ensure that you have an excellent outdoor entertainment area. If not, consider adding a concrete patio. The cost of this project depends on the quality and details and whether you choose stamped concrete or not.

Have the Big-Ticket Items Done

Big-ticket items are next on your list. This should include your central air conditioner, which can cost up over $10,000 to install if you need a replacement, according to HomeAdvisor. Cost will be impacted by the size of the unit, difficulty of installation, and if you need your old unit removed. You’ll also need to take into account brand prices, which typically range from $1,400 to $3,400. Have the electrical and plumbing systems checked out as well, and don’t be shy about having the foundation, roof, and other major components checked out and put into working order before you move forward.

Give Buyers What They Really Want

Something else to consider is what buyers in your area and price range really want. There are many features that can help you get a contract quickly. Among these are Energy Star appliances, which are in demand by about 90 percent of buyers. Exterior lighting and ceiling fans are also sought after (hiring a pro to install a ceiling fan costs $225 on average). And, as mentioned before, a patio is also a hot selling point, with around 86 percent of buyers seeking outdoor entertainment space.

Ensure Your Home’s Features Are Working

There are many features that homebuyers want, and it is up to you to ensure that the ones you’re advertising are in top shape. If your estate boasts a pool, for instance, find a pool maintenance company to make sure that it’s ready when spring comes around. The same applies to a hot tub, sauna, built-in surround sound, or play equipment you plan to leave behind.

Stage It Like a Showplace

Perhaps most importantly, you have to take the time to stage your property. A professional stager might recommend anything from changing the color scheme to repairing nail holes in the wall. Opendoor notes further that chipped and cracked tiles should be replaced and that everything in the home — down to your exterior doors — should be ding-free. In other words, the home should look new and inviting. Homelight estimates that a well-staged home might even put an extra 25 percent in your pocket at closing time.

Keep It Clean

In addition to repairs and upgrades, one project that you cannot skip is keeping the house clean. Look for a cleaning service with experience in your area, one who has references to back up their claims. Also, confirm which services they offer and upkeep fees after the initial cleaning.

Make no mistake: You are going to spend money if you want to sell as quickly as possible. But an investment now will pay off and get you out the door and on your way on your terms.