The largest city in North Carolina has an exceptional housing outlook.

If you’re living in NY, NJ or California – the recent increases in property tax rates could be the last straw to finally making that big move. To help you navigate the options, we’ve put together this short list of reasons why Charlotte should be on your shortlist.

Big City Living / Small-Town Charm

There are plenty of things to love about this area, but perhaps the most appealing aspect to Charlotte is the way the city still maintains a ‘small-town’ feel in the midst of the skyline. In Charlotte, NC, you could find your dream home for just around $220,000 – that’s 12% less than the national average! And we’re on the way up – the population has grown tremendously in recent years, reaching over 820,000 residents in 2017.  In addition, Charlotte boasts a reputation as one of America’s best cities for young professionals, ranking #4 in a recent survey conducted by Forbes.

What About The Taxes?

For such a large city in North Carolina, the property tax rate is quite low when compared to other areas of similar size at just 1.16%.  Housing in Charlotte has quite a wide variety of options and can be suited towards most any budget. There are single individual homes available in many locations close to downtown, as well as large, multiple bedroom abodes for the growing family. There are several Charlotte communities located within the surrounding blocks of downtown Charlotte. Additionally, there are many neighborhoods that are tucked on the outskirts of the city. We mean it when we say “there is literally something for everyone in Charlotte”!

Professional Sports, Four Seasons, Mountains and Water

Charlotte is surrounded by many geographic features that further enhance the appeal of this beautiful city. The largest man-made lake in North Carolina, Lake Norman, is just to the northwest. The Catawba River lies just to the west, providing one of the signature geographic features of the city. There is a seemingly unlimited variety of activities to do in Charlotte. There are several professional sports teams that call Charlotte home, and almost any major restaurant that you could ever imagine. As one of the foundational corners of North Carolina, living in North Carolina doesn’t get much more appealing than when looking at everything that Charlotte has to offer.

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