Tips to Make Your Move Less Stressful (Even with Kids)

Author: Lucille Rosetti | info@thebereaved.orgThe Bereaved
Photo Credit: Unsplash

From selling your home and buying a new one to preparing and packing, moving is rarely a simple process. And when children are involved, it can get even more complicated. Whether you’re moving to a different state or just down the street, children can have an especially hard time adjusting to the change. But there are ways to help everyone cope with the transition. Here are some tips to make the process of moving with your kids less stressful.

Hold a family meeting

Don’t make it too formal, but gather the kids around the table to talk about the changes that are about to happen. This will give you and your spouse a chance to explain your reasons for relocating and to share your excitement about the future. If this is a child’s first move, they will likely need reassurance that the move is a good thing. Be sure to ask your kids how they feel, listen to their concerns, and try to answer their questions. This meeting is a way to get them ready for the change, but expect it to take some time for them to process the information.

Prepare your home for selling

When you’re selling your home, getting your kids in on the “fun” can help them feel like they have a role in the relocation process. Have them help you declutter the rooms and closets, paint the interior, and take photos for online listings. You can even make a game out of staging your home for potential buyers by rearranging furniture and repurposing extra spaces.

Choose the right place

There are also things you can do to ensure you’re picking the right home for your family. Look for a home you can afford; the median listing price for a home in Concord is $288,000. Once you find some options within your price range, ask yourself these questions: Can you envision yourselves in the house? Are you already thinking about furniture arrangements? Does the house fit your basic needs? Can you not stop thinking about it?

Depending on the amount of work you’re willing to put into your new place, foreclosures could be worth looking into. Not only can you get a larger foreclosed home for a lower price, they’re typically vacant, which means a speedier move-in process. Just know that they are sold as is, there’s often no room for negotiation, and you will need to hire an inspector (costs an average of $358) to go through the house before you commit.

Involve your kids when choosing

Another way to reduce stress during the moving process is to involve the whole family when choosing a house. As parents, you’ll obviously be making the final decision, but allowing your kids to contribute their thoughts once you’ve narrowed it down to a few houses will help them feel included. If the new location is relatively nearby, drive them to see each house you’re considering; if you’re moving further away, show them photos or virtual tours of the houses.

Declutter as you pack

When it’s time to start packing for the move, seize the opportunity to purge your belongings. It will help to have a plan for how much stuff you’re taking with you, which will largely depend on the size of your new home and how far you’re traveling. Set up a trash can, along with a set number of packing boxes and donation boxes. Organize as you pack to make the move-in process as smooth as possible.

While moving can be a stressful and emotional time for parents and kids alike, there are a few things you can do to make the experience less dreadful. Holding a family meeting will get everyone on the same page and help prepare your kids for the change. Getting them involved with selling your home and deciding on the new home will show them that they have a role to play. Decluttering your belongings as you pack will help you have an easier experience moving in to your new place.

~ Lucille Rosetti | info@thebereaved.orgThe Bereaved