If you are an aging adult, and that would be 55 plus, don’t get your feelings hurt, that’s just the category, or you’re a kid like myself dealing with aging adults. So when you’re thinking about the ability to stay in a house for a long time and you’re downsizing, you will see a phrase called “aging in place.”

Aging in place is what you can do to a house in order to stay out of nursing homes or stay out of your kid’s house as long as possible. Check out my video for some key features to look for in the master bath.

I’m at a new construction house in a neighborhood right here in the Charlotte area, which is a killer opportunity for 55 plus and I want to show you the top three features for aging in place in your master bathroom.

  1. The shower door in the master bathroom goes both ways. Why does that matter? Well, if you’re in a wheelchair or you have a walker or you have a live-in assistant person this makes a huge difference in being able to get in and out of the shower. You can’t step over that tub wall and you might not need to call those people who come back and adapt things because it’s new. Get it done right the first time.
  2. You’re also going to see we have what’s called “Zero Entry” here. Zero entry, roll in, roll out, roll in, roll out, just like you’re at Disney World in one of those fancy resorts, but you’re in your house.
  3. And the third feature for this aging in place shower is the shower seat. You can set down while you get washed up, take a breath, drink a glass of wine. I mean, whatever you want to do in the shower, it is your house.

If you’re looking for 55-plus housing, or you want more tips on housing for aging in place, give me a call because my #OneCommunity team and I can help.

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~ Leigh Brown

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