As a Real Estate Assistant, Chrissy is critical to the success of the Leigh Brown & Associates team. As a lover of all things Charlotte, one of her favorite hot spots is the Epicentre. She says, “Whether day or night, a low-key afternoon or a night on the town, the Epicentre literally has everything!”

Located at, you guessed it… the (epi)center of uptown Charlotte, the Epicentre is the go-to location for all things fun and exciting in Center City. Fun fact! Do you know the why we refer to Charlotte as “uptown” instead of downtown? It originally started in the 1700’s when a Native American trading path went through the area now known as Trade and Tryon or “Center City”. This point was the highest elevation point and travelers had to travel UP to get there. More recently, in 1974, a city council proclamation declared the name officially “Uptown” – and it stuck!

Within the Epicentre you’ll find over 10 outdoor patios, nearly 200 TV screens, a stunning rooftop terrace, a movie theater (with reclining seats and wait staff serving food/drinks), a shopping experience like no other, and an amazing bowling alley – all in one place! The cafes, restaurants and fine dining options give you a little bit of everything; whether you’re looking for a quick Mexican dish, a juicy burger, or the finest Sushi around – this location has it all! Altogether there are almost 40 venues featuring nightlife, restaurants, and shopping! In addition to each of the venues housed in the Epicentre, the Epicentre itself hosts an array of events in their outdoor courtyard and patio – happy hour and live music after work, MMA fights, holiday parties, and much more!

The Epicentre has become one of Charlotte’s iconic entertainment destinations, and rightly so. As Charlotte continues to evolve and grow, so too does the Epicentre – always adding new events and venues. If you’ve never been, you’ve got to check it out; but I will warn you, once you see all that it has to offer – you’ll want to keep coming back to try it all!