HE IS RISEN! I can almost hear your echoes, “He is risen indeed!” Ever wonder about the origins of this phrase? It hails from the ancient tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church, known as the Paschal greeting. This greeting is a celebration of our faith: the Messiah’s arrival, His sacrifice, His resurrection on the third day, and the promise of His return. This core belief brings immeasurable joy to those who have embraced the name of the Lord Jesus.

For those who might be curious, skeptical, or finding the whole concept of religion a bit perplexing or even irritating, I encourage you to read the Easter story in John Chapter 20. John, who was very close to Jesus, gives an intimate account that fills in many details. And don’t stop there—embrace the promise in Romans 10:13, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” So, the next time you hear, “He is risen,” feel the depth and joy in responding, “He is risen indeed!”

Happy Easter and a blessed Resurrection Day, friends!