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So believe it or not, the check writing process still exists.  Crazy, right? In a world dominated by auto-pay and online bill pay, 2020 still calls for official documents to be signed and dated in hard copy.

None of us want to be scammed.  I can’t think of a more dreadful situation then having my identity compromised or experiencing my official documents being tampered with.  2020 brings into play a unique number combination that easily allows for scammers and the ‘dishonest’ individuals among us to change dates on an official document.

Instead of dating your check as ‘1-22-20’, be sure to write out ‘1-22-2020’.  Scammers can easily turn the ‘20’ to ‘2019’.  Before you know it, you have a backdated check rummaging your account; you have tax returns that are now fraudulent.  Even honest mistakes can happen with those lovely computers having to interpret about a gazillion ‘20’s’ per day. 

Real Estate Tip of The Day #27-Make Sure To Use “2020”

Now, this tip is a little bit different than usual because it has to do with the year being 2020.⁣ I'll give a big hat tip to my fellow REALTOR® here in Charlotte, Brian Belcher,⁣ because Brian's one of those great professional REALTORS® that loves sharing and coordinating with his colleagues in the business.⁣⁣Many of us, when we fill out documents and checks and you put a date on it, you just use the last two digits of the year. So this might be January 21st of 2020 but you put a 20 on it. That means it's some shifty, shady person picks up your stuff, they could add a 19, 18, 17, 16, backdate your stuff and totally mess with you. So, this whole year be smart as you're filling out paperwork and checks and use the whole year 2020.

Posted by We Love Concord on Thursday, January 23, 2020

Do yourself a favor – write out 2020 to avoid any potential headaches!

I’m here to help, y’all! Drop me a line – heck, come by and see me! Here’s to an amazing ‘2020’.

~ Leigh